What is Pupule Himawari?

Pupule Himawari - is an international holding that supports pharmacies, beauty salons and supermarkets selling healthy foods, natural cosmetics, body-friendly clothes and other products for our health.

We started our business in 1984 in Japan, a country known for its healthy traditions.

Himawari - is a Japanese word for Sunflower. Sunflower is our symbol. And it is also a symbol of happiness and optimism. These flowers represent longevity, love, and loyalty - which perfectly corresponds to the values of our firm.

Sunflower Helps Everyone to Stay Happy and Healthy

We are familiar with healthy foods and all sort of diets, healthy products and over-the-counter medicines, so we can respond with a wide range of knowledge. Please feel free to ask us about any product important for your health. From small children to the elderly, from a housewife to a business man we are here to help you manage your life, health and work happily.

In addition to healthy foods and comfortable clothes for patients, doctors and nurses, we also suggest a range of high quality and reliable blood glucose meters, ovulation test agents, contact lenses, etc. Just e-mail us and ask for a quotation to see it we have what you need. If we do not have it we will help you to find it.

Pupule Himawari values

Aiming to be a company needed by everyone

We are aiming to be a company needed by everyone in the community through the efforts of "comprehensive community care" from distribution and delivery of the healthy products to every house holding, to a pharmacy store and up to home-visit nursing and consultation service.

Our company believes that the balance between work and family and work-life balance can be further enhanced, and by engaging in this quality process, our partners, both clients and suppliers, local community as well as the employees can be enriched.

As part of our contribution to the local community, we do seriously work on the labor diversification. Currently, we are accelerating the opening of distribution stores and medical malls, and we are also focusing on door-to-door distribution.

Co-development and growth

As the word "a company” means a group of persons, our company can not grow without the growth of its employees. The employees who gather here are well-educated and are actively practicing on-site.

Child care support

At Pupule Himawari, we aim to create an environment in which employees can work with peace of mind even if they are pregnant or have a baby. The perspective of mothers raising children extends not only to workplace improvements but also to devise ways to create community-friendly stores.

Labiour Union

Here are some of the activities of the Pupule Himawari Labor Union

Choosing the Best Shoe for Your Baby

Are you choosing shoes that are too big because “they’ll grow right into them”? Or are you finding that your child outgrows their shoes before you know it? Shoes that don’t fit or are too small can stunt proper development of the foot. On the other hand, shoes that are too big are difficult to move in and limit activity. Continued wear of shoes that are too small have been linked to bunions and hammer toe, while shoes that are too big inhibit your child’s walking and ability to have fun. Measure your child’s feet regularly (about every three months) and choose the best size and shoe for them!

Protect Babies & Kids from UV Damage

The skin of all infants (not just those who have fair skin) is particularly vulnerable to sun damage, partly because they haven't yet developed all the melanin, the natural skin pigment that provides some sun protection*. Protecting babies and young children from UV exposure in early stage of life and 365 days is very essential for health.


Easy, Comfortable and Adjustable Bodysuit
Kimono-style Hadagi does not irritate the delicate skin of newborns. Also, it is easier to wear or take off and to adjust to the growing baby's body thanks to the loose structure of kimono.
Despite of the small body size and thinner skin, newborns produce more sweat because they have the same number of sweat glands as an adult. It is extremely important to keep newborns’ skin clean and dry by exchanging the bodysuit frequently.

Employment of persons with disabilities

Pupule Himawari is focused on creating a workplace where people with disabilities can work with peace of mind. To that end, we will resolve the concerns and problems that the individual has, and we will value support after joining the company so that it will be good to join the company, and promote an environment in which each person can work with satisfaction.

One-day trip

Recreation (BBQ, bowling, dinner, etc.) Soft volleyball tournament 10% reduction for purchases Influenza vaccination assistance, etc. You can participate in various other events and in meetings with the industry colleagues.